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From "Doug Davis" <>
Subject Wsdl2Java
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2001 12:26:28 GMT
Just took a very brief look at the Wsdl2Java...
- removed the evil tab characters
- why do we generate interfaces instead of just
  the proxy classes?  I understand that conceptually there
  are interfaces in WSDL but do we really expect people to
  do something with these java files - aside from compile
  them?  I could see having them generated thru a switch
  but it seems like the default should be to generate just
  the proxy classes w/o interfaces.  It feels like we're
  exposing the inner workings of WSDL simply because it's
  there when there is no direct benefit for the end-user.
  I know that it's possible that there will be multiple
  port types but we appear to only support one and don't
  have a mechanism to select which one (yet).  It seems
  like if there's only one port type then we should not
  bother to expose the interfaces.
  Just my $0.02.
- why are the instance vars of types "public"?  Didn't want
  to change this to "private" or "protected" w/o checking
  first in case there was a reason.
Cool stuff though!!

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