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From "Russell Butek" <>
Subject Re: Case weirdness in Wsdl2java
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2001 17:05:43 GMT
The emitter is naive.  It capitalizes the first character of the type name
because that's just the Java convention.  Class names are capitalized.

I don't know how to avoid that in your scenario.  The emitter assumes all
the types used in a WSDL are defined in the WSDL.  I don't know how you're
supposed to include Java types in a WSDL document.

Russell Butek

Bob Cotton <> on 09/20/2001 06:11:37 PM

Please respond to

Sent by:

Subject:  Case weirdness in Wsdl2java

Using 'java org.apache.axis.wsdl.Wsdl2java urn_InventorySync.wsdl'


public Com.synxis.srms.hitis.inventorysync.SynXisInventorySynchronizatonRS
process(SynXisInventorySynchronization arg0) throws
       ^- Why is this up-cased? Happens on the final cast before the

My axis is from cvs, about 30 min ago.

Here is the axis-generated wsdl file: urn_InventorySync.wsdl

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<definitions targetNamespace="
http://foghorn:8080/axis/services/urn:InventorySync" xmlns="" xmlns:ns1="urn:InventorySync" xmlns:ns2
="java" xmlns:serviceNS="
http://foghorn:8080/axis/services/urn:InventorySync" xmlns:soap="" xmlns:xsd="">
  <message name="processRequest">
    <part name="arg0" type="ns1:SynXisInventorySynchronization"/>
  <message name="processResponse">
    <part name="processResult" type

  <portType name="SrmsInventoryUploadPortType">
    <operation name="process">
      <input message="serviceNS:processRequest"/>
      <output message="serviceNS:processResponse"/>
  <binding name="SrmsInventoryUploadSoapBinding" type
    <soap:binding style="rpc" transport=""/>
    <operation name="process">
      <soap:operation soapAction="" style="rpc"/>
        <soap:body encodingStyle="
" namespace="urn:InventorySync" use="encoded"/>
        <soap:body encodingStyle="
" namespace="urn:InventorySync" use="encoded"/>
  <service name="SrmsInventoryUpload">
    <port binding="serviceNS:SrmsInventoryUploadSoapBinding" name
      <soap:address location="

- Bob

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