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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: Locating JAX RPC docs
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2001 20:47:30 GMT
Russell Butek wrote:
> Unfortunately, JAX-RPC isn't public, yet.  It's still under development,
> and as such it's only available to those companies/organizations in JSR
> 101's expert group.  We're trying to get Sun to let this group have access
> to it as well, but that hasn't happened, yet.
> Welcome to the bleeding edge.

Then, I assume somebody knows the API.

Have you guys looked at JAXM at all?  The only reason I am mentioning it is
because there is a public API and docs available.  Also, that approach does
some to coincide with what we are persuing in Axis.

It defines the javax.xml.soap package with many of the same entities we have
for SOAP messages.  It is more consistent with the JMS client API standard

The javax.xml.messaging package defines a JAXMServlet that responds to the
SOAP messages over HTTP, and has other provider hooks.

It's just a thought.  Although I may have to troll through the archives
to find your reasoning on RPC vs. messaging....

> Russell Butek
> Berin Loritsch <> on 09/19/2001 02:54:18 PM
> Please respond to
> To:   Axis Development <>
> cc:
> Subject:  Locating JAX RPC docs
> During the IRC meeting yesterday, it was noted that Axis is
> aiming to comply with JAX-RPC standards for the public API.
> The URL I was given pointed me to Java's one page description
> of the technology.  The only link on the page was to the JCP
> entry--which also has very little information.
> Can someone either point me to a full URL where I can peruse
> the API docs for JAX-RPC or send it to me via email?
> It's very hard to help the effort if I can't find the standards.

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