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From Ravi Kumar <>
Subject wsdl patch
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2001 01:51:33 GMT
Kudos to the Axis team, great work!

Attached is a set of changes in the WSDL -> Java area which you might
find useful

1. Surface the auto packageName generation all the way up to WSDL2Java
2. Add an output directory option
3. Fix a bug in WriteType to avoid creating duplicate constructors, when
elements size is 0
4. Fix another small bug in the skeleton class with respect to the name
of the impl class
5. Emit a dummy impl class. The idea is that as soon as generation is
done the src will build without any compile errors
6. Emit classes to the appropriate directory based on package name
7. Some very minor changes to WsdlAttributes with one question marked as
RRK regarding faultBodyType
8. Added more type mappings for standard xsd to java

Used IteropTest.wsdl (attached) for code generation.

Will be testing it in the next couple of days - but I heard some talk
about alpha-2, so thought I it will be appropriate to send this right

Just begining to get my hands around Axis - will very much appreciate if
this patch is appropriate or is way off the mark!

BTW, looking through the archive for the mailing list, saw a reference
to an architecture document several months ago-. Is it still around? ---
I should no better, but no harm asking :-)

JBuilder R&D

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