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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: Axis hierarchy
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2001 19:59:32 GMT
David Melgar wrote:
> I'd like to remind folks that for Axis to become popular, some semblance of
> API stability is needed. The guts can change, but external programming
> interfaces should be thought through. Pick an approach and stick with it.
> (referring of course to the DOM discussion, but its pertinent throughout).

I agree completely.  I have championed the cause of API stability in a number
of projects, and tempered a few people's ambitious changes because of it.
The changes I am proposing are intended to work with the current design, not
wreak complete and utter havoc.

That is also part of the reason why I am proposing Avalon integration in an
incremental approach.  I do want to help distinguish in my mind as well as
in other developer's minds what is a _user_ interface, and what is used by
the system internally.  This separation of concerns does help in the maintenance,
use, and management of a system.

I am of the belief that the user interfaces should not include any methods
that are meant for system use (i.e. init(), cleanup(), etc.).  The user interface
should be the simplest set of methods possible.

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