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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: Have you guys looked at Avalon?
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2001 15:45:30 GMT
Tom Jordahl wrote:
> I looked at this code (because I was writing the command line stuff in
> wsdl2java) and it is very GNU-like in its option syntax:
>  -v
>  --verbose
> instead of what we currently have:
>   -v[erbose]
> I am not really in favor of this "two-dash" approach to options, I prefer
> (obviously) an "as-much-as needed-to-be-unique" style.  If there is strong
> sentiment from the group that we want "two-dash" style options, I would be
> -1 on it but would still do the work. :-)

It is a standard that many people who are used to CLIs are used to.  There
is good reasoning for the short/long alias approach.  Whether you like the
approach or not, the CLI parsing code does make it easier to process the

> I am adding a -package switch today, which is an option that takes an
> argument so I maybe I will convince myself I want to switch to Avalon. :-)

Besides, if there is a feature you would like implemented, you usually only
have to ask....

The only CLI packages I have used that don't employ the short/long approach
(AKA gnu conventions) are the Java CLI utilities.  Honestly, I would be
-1 on that style.  Then again, I come from a GNU/Linux background so I may
be somewhat biased.

> --
> Tom Jordahl
> -----Original Message-----
> From: giacomo []
> Sent: Monday, September 10, 2001 5:15 AM
> To: Axis Development
> Subject: Re: Have you guys looked at Avalon?
> On Fri, 7 Sep 2001, Berin Loritsch wrote:
> I'd like to add here for the WSDL2Java toolkit in the Axis code base
> that Avalon Excalibur also offers a cool CLI package to handle command
> line argument parsing. So, no need to reinvent the wheels.
> Giacomo
> > I am just beginning to get a good look at the Axis code,
> > to get a feel of how to embed it into Avalon based projects
> > like Cocoon or Avalon's Phoenix server.  There are a couple
> > of things that Avalon Framework and Avalon Excalibur can
> > do to help in the structure and development of Axis.
> >
> > One is a hierarchical configuration scheme that fits well
> > with XML based configuration.  Using the ConfigurationBuilder
> > that comes with Avalon Framework, you can get a read only
> > Configuration tree that will allow you to retrieve type-safe
> > configuration elements.
> >
> > Another benefit is the formalized Component framework that
> > is well documented and scalable.  In fact, it is the basis
> > of Cocoon.  I have hammered a local Cocoon server with
> > hundreds of simultaneous threads, and it handled the load
> > gracefully (as well as snapping back to normal operations
> > when the load was done).
> >
> > By using Avalon Framework and Avalon Excalibur you gain a
> > number of well tested utilities and components that assist
> > in Axis' goals.  It handles configuration, logging (with very
> > fine grained control), component pooling, active resource
> > monitoring, JDBC connection pooling, and more.  All that,
> > and you don't have to reinvent most of it.
> >
> > I know I'm getting involved kind of late in the game, but
> > I can do alot of the work involved in the conversion if it
> > is something you see as beneficial.
> >
> > For more information, check out the project web site at
> > (the developer's docs
> > give a good overview of the whole system).
> >
> > Whether or not you choose to base your architecture on Avalon,
> > I would like to provide some hooks to embed web services in
> > Phoenix or create them dynamically with Cocoon.  Maybe I'll
> > even have some time to add support for load testing web services
> > with JMeter ;P
> +1
> Giacomo [another Avalon biased developer]

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