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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: Have you guys looked at Avalon?
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2001 18:48:46 GMT
Sam Ruby wrote:
> I can honestly say that I know how to build it.  ;-)
> Beyond that, my knowledge is not very deep.  And I suspect I'm more
> familiar with it than most of the rest here.  :-(
> = = = =
> I suspect that the answer to the question as to whether Axis would be
> willing to base it's architecture on Avalon hinges on two things: (1) that
> there be someone willing to do the work, and (2) such integration would in
> no way inhibit integration with products like WebSphere and JRun.

As to (1), I am willing to do the work.  As the release manager for Avalon
Framework, I am intimately knowledgeable of how it works ;-)

As to (2), Cocoon can be installed in those environments.  The biggest
problem Cocoon has is fighting past different classloader issues so it can
use a JAXP 1.1 compliant parser with namespaces enabled.  Each of the main
Servlet Container (J2EE Servers) has different idiosyncracies in classloader
management.  Avalon is no hinderence here.

> Both WebSphere and JRun each have a distinct "formalized Component
> framework that is well documented and scalable."  And their own notions of
> "configuration, logging (with very fine grained control), component
> pooling, active resource monitoring, JDBC connection pooling, and more."

Yes, and they are proprietary and not portable from one to the other ;P.
I was thinking you might be interested in an Apache solution that does all
that instead of being tied to only one vendor's solution.

> I see no relationship between JDBC connection pooling and the SOAP
> specification.  Clearly web services themselves could take advantage of
> this, but that's a matter between them and the container which embeds Axis.
> At the moment, there is a servlet and a "simple" standalone program.  A
> third, Avalon friendly container would be very welcome.

Regarding JDBC: its understood--but then again you may want to store user/permission
info in a database for authentication purposes....

I would be more than happy to provide the Avalon container/component wrapper
for you.

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