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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: proposed: CLI Args improvement
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2001 16:50:03 GMT
On Tue, 11 Sep 2001 02:06, Berin Loritsch wrote:
> Would it be possible to extend the CLI package in excalibur to
> have a CLI Strategy?  

possible? yes.

> CLOptionDescriptor optionDescriptors = new CLOptionDescriptor[] {
>     new CLOptionDescriptor("version", 'v', VERSION, "Get the Version and
> quit"), new CLOptionDescriptor("valid", 'V', VALID, "Tests to see if the
> configuration is Valid and quit") };

Personally I would like to see something more like

 CLOptionDescriptor optionDescriptors = new CLOptionDescriptor[] {
     new CLOptionDescriptor( new String[] { "version", "ve" }, 'v',...), 
     new CLOptionDescriptor(new String[] { "valid", "va" }, 'V',...)

Because as a program grows more options will be added that could quite 
conceivably alter minimum discerning string which means addition of option 
changes multiple options which is a *bad* idea ;) 

Allowing multiple Long forms is much better IMHO 

> By simply switching the strategy to AVALON_STRATEGY (above), we can perform
> the following calls:

Instead of passing a strategy to parser (as I would say the parser *is* the 
strategy) I would make another parser class (maybe JavaCLIParser) and use 
that directly. (Or alternatively use it via utility methods of CLIUtil or 
something). Maybe they could both return a ParserResults or something.

Re: The "java" style

The problem is one of consistency. The "java" style is not consistent. For 
instance in some java apps "uvf" is 3 options while in others it would be 
considered one long option. ie -Dblah is often seen as one option with an 
argument however the "java" style would also allow it to be a single long 
option or multiple short options in a completely application specific manner. 
Theres even more hell to pay with options like -Dblah=blee. There is also no 
way in the "java" style to escape -'s which has bitten me a few times.

> From Tom Jordahl in XML-Axis dev:
> ---------------------------------
> I looked at this code (because I was writing the command line stuff in
> wsdl2java) and it is very GNU-like in its option syntax:
>  -v
>  --verbose
> instead of what we currently have:
>   -v[erbose]

After the above inconsistency issues are worked out you could implement 
something like that I guess. However the code in CLIParser is extremely ... 
errr ... messy ;) It would probably best just to start a new JavaCLIParser 
from scratch and reuse the option definitions and utility methods etc.



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