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From "Glen Daniels" <>
Subject Re: Hello, and an issue
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2001 01:30:55 GMT
Hello, and an issueHi Scott!

Thanks for using the toolkit, and for the comments.

Re: your problem, this seems pretty weird in that the AdminService is one of the default ones
that's deployed with a "clean" Axis installation.  You should see a file called "server-config.xml"
in your WEB-INF directory of the axis webapp.  Try deleting that file, restarting Tomcat,
then running the client again.  If it still doesn't work, confirm that the server-config file
is there, and that it in fact contains something akin to the following:

<service name="AdminService" pivot="MsgDispatcher">
    <option name="methodName" value="AdminService" /> 
    <option name="className" value="org.apache.axis.utils.Admin" /> 
  ----- Original Message ----- 
  From: Scott Came 
  Sent: Monday, September 17, 2001 3:59 PM
  Subject: Hello, and an issue

  Hello axis-dev'ers. 

  Thanks very much to all of you working on Axis.  My work as a consultant these days is leaning
ever more in the web services least that's where I'm trying to lead my clients!!
 I've also been doing Java full-time for about four years, and would certainly like to see
a reliable Java SOAP implementation.  Looks like you all are well on the way.  I've used Apache
SOAP and appreciate the improvements you're aiming at with Axis.

  I am currently in the process of reviewing the Axis source, just to learn more about the
project.  I may be in a position to assist on the project in some way...perhaps starting with
docs or something.  I'd like to get a good understanding of the codebase first, then perhaps
ask how I might best contribute.

  Now for my issue...  I have successfully checked out the source, and run the "compile" and
"dist" targets in build.xml.  I get successful builds on both.  Following the install guide,
I copied the axis-1_0/webapps/axis directory to [tomcat-home]/webapps, and copied my xerces
1.4.3 jar file into the axis webapp's lib directory.  I can hit the axis servlet just fine
(http://localhost/axis/servlet/AdminServlet).  However, when I try to deploy the echo sample
using this (executed from axis-1_0\samples\echo):

  java -cp c:\xerces-1.4.3\xerces.jar;..\..\lib\axis.jar;..\..\lib\log4j-core.jar org.apache.axis.client.AdminClient
-lhttp://localhost/axis/servlet/AxisServlet deploy.xml

  I get this on stdout/stderr: 

  Processing file: deploy.xml 
  <ns1:Fault xmlns:ns1=""> 
     <ns1:faultcode xmlns:ns4="">ns4:Server.NoService</ns1:faultcode>

     <ns1:faultstring>The Axis engine couldn't find a target service to invoke! targetService
is AdminService</ns1:faultstring>


  I searched the mailing list archives and google, to no avail.  Apologies if this is a newbie
question that's documented somewhere.  Can anyone help?

  I'm running tomcat 3.2.2, Ant 1.4, Xerces 1.4.3, JDK 1.3.1...all on Win2K. 

  TIA and best regards, 

  Scott Came 
  Senior Managing Consultant 
  Logical eBusiness Solutions (formerly PSSG) 
  (360) 491-7774 

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