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From "Christoph C. Cemper @" <>
Subject AW: Hi + congrats + Contrib proposal
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2001 21:09:35 GMT
Hi James,

i am currently making progress, so that I could just send you all the stuff
that you might need for setting up the sample pretty soon.

I am not an Axis comitter, so we might need some comitter to perform the
checkin to "official" version when the sample proves to be ok and documented
well etc...

I guess best approach will be a thorough review by you, including smaybe
some improvements/fixes/etc.. that might arise while you get into it...

what do you think about that?

By the way: the whole "authentication"-theme is not yet a subject for me -
inter-operable session-handling and context-propagation from call to call is
the relevant thing I an currently on...

mfg / kind regards,
Christoph C. Cemper


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  Betreff: RE: Hi + congrats + Contrib proposal


  I have the same need as you and this week U have just upgraded to Axis.
  I am working on SOAP projects using Apache server and VB (6.0 at the
moment) clients.
  I can foresee a need to implement session handling for some of the future
products we will be developing, and for this reason I'd like to offer a hand
with any development you may need.
  Skill set would include: Java, VB 6.0. MS Soap toolkit 2.0 SP2.
  Anything I can do... just let me know.
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    From: Christoph C. Cemper @ []
    Sent: 25 September 2001 11:34
    To: Axis Development (E-Mail)
    Subject: Hi + congrats + Contrib proposal

    Hi folks,

    after working with Apache SOAP i performed a switch to AXIS for the

    Congratulations, as far as I can judge it, AXIS really is a big step
from Apache Soap.

    I am currently working on a sample of a handler that performs processing
of the SOAPHeader
    for implementing a sort of session handling.

    Reason for that is, that the whole cookie-mechanism for session handling
is not supported by other
    platforms like MS.NET

    Furthermore performing that meta-info-processing via the SOAPHeader
seems much better because
    of it's protocol transparency.

    Ok, what I can offer/contribute is that sample including

    - Java-Code
    - VB-Code for MS.SOAP Toolkit

    How would that contribution work? Who will review/checkin the code as
soon as it is ready?

    mfg / kind regards,
    Christoph C. Cemper

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