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From "James M Snell" <>
Subject Re: WSDL4J Binary distribution?
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2001 21:57:32 GMT
Not that I disagree with this (I don't) but I didn't see a vote come 
across on this.  I know I haven't really been actively participating in 
the development as of late (and missed quite a few of the votes that have 
happened), but I do think that something like this should be voted on 
before actually committing it.

- James Snell
     Software Engineer, Emerging Technologies, IBM
     James M Snell/Fresno/IBM -
    "No, 'being created in God's image' does not mean I'll have this 
project done in seven days!" - Anon.

Please respond to 
Subject:        WSDL4J Binary distribution?

Glen Daniels just checked in a change to Axis which makes use of WSDL4J. I
hope everybody agrees that this is a good thing!


We recognize that WSDL4J is a work in progress, and I do plan to closely
track to the changes with

This being said, it would be helpful if there were a reference version 
people could download.  The developerWorks site makes mention of a 0.8
binary, but I could not find it.

I also plan to upload the version that was used to build axis each night
into  Let me know if there are
any concerns with this plan.

- Sam Ruby

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