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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject VOTE: Logging impl
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2001 17:25:32 GMT

So, have people looked at the Jakarta commons logging implementation yet?

I'd like to get moving on replacing the Debug class with something a little
more granular and flexible, and although we were planning to go with using
log4j directly, this thin layer above it seems like it has some desirable

1) If log4j isn't present, it defaults to a simple System.out implementation
which is configurable via a property file.

2) It removes the log4j layer if using another logging system (i.e. JLog,
etc) on the backend

The tradeoff is that if you ARE using log4j, it adds an extra method call to
each log event to go through the proxy interface - also if you want to use
any of the more advanced log4j features, you still need to assume the
library is available.

So could we get votes for either:

a) LOG4J, with people using custom Appenders to hook to other logging

b) The common logging framework, with custom Log implementations to hook to
other logging systems

I have no strong opinion either way - though I think I have a slight
preference for a.

Glen Daniels
                                Building cool stuff for web developers

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