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From Rob Jellinghaus <>
Subject Re: Possible Version Discrepancy Question (org.apache.soap.util.xml.XMIDeserializer) (
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2001 22:28:59 GMT
Are you sure it's the Axis source you grabbed?  There is no
org.apache.soap.* package in Axis.  If you're really compiling Apache SOAP,
soap-dev is the list you want.


At 02:56 PM 8/8/2001 -0500, Coyne, Jason R. wrote:
>Hey, This is my first message to the group, and I haven't been following
>along for very long, so I hope this isn't really obvious info for everyone.
>My company is trying to implement SOAP for some of our distributed
>proccessing needs.  However we do not wish to use HTTP as our transport
>method, instead we want to use ROMA (A Message Oriented Middleware that
>rides on top of MQ or MTS)
>I grabbed all the source for AXIS, and then all of the extra packages as
>well and am trying to get the classes to compile.
>However I get an error when compiling
>org.apache.soap.util.xml.XMIDeserializer stating that
> is not accessable outside of its
>I just grabbed the XMI toolkit today from IBM, so I am quite sure I am using
>the latest release, and I just grabbed the soap/xml/axis code friday, so it
>must be fairly recent.
>Should I be attempting to work with a more stable release? Or do I need to
>grab a newer (beta?) version of the XMI toolkit?
>Any help would be great, or a point to a FAQ if there is one that handles
>issues such as this would be great.
>Jason Coyne

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