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From Rob Jellinghaus <>
Subject Re: Look like a good Array proxy?
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2001 00:20:15 GMT
At 04:45 PM 8/2/2001 -0700, KIND,LANCE (HP-FtCollins,ex1) wrote:
>I am having trouble getting this client Proxy too work.  Perhaps there is
something I don't understand about the client libraries.  Could some one
take a quick look at the attached  It is supposed to be
the proxy for the attached  I have also
attached the deployment file (pertinent for the method namespace).
>The services that don't have arrays in the signature operate - ping() for
example.  But ones with arrays in the signature get refused like the method
doesn't exist.  (Sorry, I don't have the SOAP:Fault message in front of me.)
>I plan on beating on this later, but I thought I would send this out in
case someone sees something obvious.  

Um, as I received it, here is

package samples.primitivetypes;

 * Class using for testing the invocation of methods from
 * a VisualStudio.NET client.  Reason for new class instead of just using
 * wanted to return value in each method rather than set a static value.
 * @author Lance Kind
public class PrimitiveArrayOperations
 * VisualStudioDotNetTarget constructor comment.
public PrimitiveArrayOperations() {

That's it.  That's the whole thing.  There really *aren't* any AddBytes,
AddDoubles, etc. operations defined on it!



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