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From "Doug Davis" <>
Subject Re: transport chains
Date Sat, 28 Jul 2001 20:29:24 GMT
If on the fly (or based on the specific web service) a different response
transport chain is desired - maybe a handler in the web service specific
wants to remove the entire transport specific response chain because based
on the specific web service invoked it no longer needs it - ie. that web
service had it's own transport sender to send back the response a different
way and it doesn't want the normal transport specific response chain
invoked since there won't be any message to send back.  I don't think that
was the exact scenario we talked about at the f2f - but I think it was
close and I'm sure there are other cases.

Rob Jellinghaus <> on 07/28/2001 04:22:42 PM

Please respond to

Subject:  Re: transport chains

What's the use case here?  Seems a bit suspicious to me....


At 02:58 PM 7/28/2001 -0400, Doug Davis wrote:
>right now we choose the transport chain at the start of processing in the
>server, and then we call the request side of it.  Later on we will call
>response side - at one point we talked about allowing a handler to change
>the outgoing transport response chain by setting a field in the msg
>context.  Currently in the code you can't do this because the transport
>chain isn't "re-found" before the response side is called.  Do we want to
>change this so we "re-find" it - allowing the response side of the
>transport chain to be changed on the fly?

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