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From "Arndt Lehmann1" <>
Subject Bugs in AXIS
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2001 12:10:46 GMT
Hi AXIS Developer,

here are some bugs I found in AXIS:

1.) simple bug
In the method getNameSpace of XMLUtils you do the following:
            String name =

((Element)e).getAttributeNS(Constants.NS_URI_XMLNS, prefix);
            if (name != null) return name;
This if condition is always true, because getAttributeNS returns the empty
if the searched attribute doesn't exist
please correct this into:
            String name =

((Element)e).getAttributeNS(Constants.NS_URI_XMLNS, prefix);
            if (!"".equals(name)) return name;

2.) EJB related bugs
The EJBs specification does not allow EJBs to do some special things like
direct file access, ...
(look in chapter 18.1.2 of the EJB 1.1 specification for details).
I have found the following items:
a) AxisEngine tries to access files via*
b) ServiceClient tries to set a system property
c) Admin tries to install an own classloader
d) SoapTypeMappingRegistry uses java reflection
If you want to make it possible, that an EJB can act as SOAP client using
the AXIS library,
then you must fix this errors.


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