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From "Axl Mattheus" <>
Subject Axis attachments
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2001 09:27:27 GMT
Hi Rob.

>>Hi Axl!  Welcome!  It would be great to have attachments working.

Thanks for the warm welcome!

>>Apache SOAP implements attachments via a MIME body class that the message
>>gets read into first, with accessors for the various parts of the message.
>>Something like that could certainly be done for Axis as well, though Axis
>>is written more around a streaming model (parse only the bits you need
>>you need them).  It would be great to write the MIME body class using a
>>streaming model (i.e. provide streaming access to the first element, then
>>the second, etc.).  This would also address Robert Walker's concern
>>regarding memory consumption from reading all attachments into memory.
>>Perhaps the MIME body class could become a member of the MessageContext,
>>and the Message itself would be constructed from the input stream that is
>>generated for the first MIME element....

I have a version 0.03.0000 version for review.  How would I go about to get
axis-dev's scrutiny and suggestions loop going?

>>Also, looking at the Axis ID/HREF code will obviously be crucial for
>>attachment support; it'd need to be possible to make an ID / HREF
>>to a separate (stream-accessed) part of the MIME message.  I don't know
>>exactly how deserialization figures into this picture.
>>Glen et al., check me on this?


>>As far as how MIME messages are *generated*, I'm less clueful -- I didn't
>>look very closely at that part of Apache SOAP.

Yip, I also don't know what you don't know...

>>A fellow named Jim (can't find his email address, his IRC nick was
>>"moatas") said he was looking into attachments, but we haven't heard from
>>him in quite a while, so I'd say it's wide open.

ping Jim.  Jim, are you there?

>>How much time do you have for this?

Apache Axis is my full-time job!  Things are just a bit hectic right now -
I'm moving from Cape Town to Dublin.  It should take a week or so to 'slow
down' to a 1,000,000 miles an hour...


HĂȘ pret!

Axl Mattheus
Staff Engineer
Sun Microsystems
+27 21 919 9290

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