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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject RE: Bugs regarding Axis Client Use in J2EE Enviroment
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2001 18:29:49 GMT
Hi Arndt!

> if you start an Service Client (via Service Client ==> AxisClient ==>
> AxisEngine),
> the engine makes two tries to load configuration data:
> 1.) try to load from disk from current directory
> 2.) try to load default XML file as Ressource
> Point 1 is forbidden by the EJB Specification (But watch out: SUN's
> ***own*** J2EE 1.2.1 Reference Implementation allows direct 
> file access
> despite this. But supposedly the other EJB Servers do not 
> make the same
> mistake).

I'm not sure I quite understand the point you're making here.  Axis isn't an
EJB application, so as far as I can see it's fine for it to read/write the

> Point 2 does not work (at least with SUN's J2EE 1.2.1)

Is this just a bug in the RI?  It sure seems like if axis.jar is on the
classpath, this should work...

> I suggest to revert to the old way of writing this stuff 
> directly into the
> code - maybe as third fallback line.

I'd really rather not go this way if at all possible.

> ***************
> Your Admin class tries to load handers via AxisClassLoader - 
> But EJB Server
> (at least J2EE 1.2.1) do not allow creation of an own ClassLoader.
> So in function registerHandler(...) try
>           ClassLoader cl;
>           try {
>                cl=AxisClassLoader.getClassLoader();
>           } catch( e) {
>                cl=Admin.class.getClassLoader();
>           }
> instead of
>                 AxisClassLoader   cl     = 
> AxisClassLoader.getClassLoader
> ();

Interesting.  Anyone want to volunteer to look into this?

> (If I remember right, you 0.5 Release shall support EJB Server)

Actually it's looking like we'll release the first milestone without EJB
support built in.  But we do plan to add it soon, so we should figure these
issues out.  Thanks for bringing them up!


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