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From Richard Emberson <>
Subject href
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2001 19:09:17 GMT
I would assume that when the same object appears more than once in an
tree being serialized, that 'href' should be used.
I also assume that during deserialization that there are href's then only
one object (per id)
is created and placed in the tree of objects.

Java's builtin object serialization contains support for this notion. As
far as I can
tell neither soap 2.2 nor axis automatically detects multiple instances of
the same
object during serialization nor do they create only one object instance

Does such support exist in soap 2.2 and/or axis? Since such multi-reference
detection is not something that can be pasted on the outside of
serialization, is the
recommendation for anyone wish to avoid duplications to ......

Richard Emberson

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