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From (Nelson Minar)
Subject timeouts in messaging?
Date Sun, 22 Jul 2001 20:44:43 GMT
Has anyone thought about what sort of support Axis wants to give, if
any, for timeouts in sending messages and waiting for RPC replies?
I've thought about this mostly as a client side issue - I'd like a
timeout for ServiceClient.invoke(). But it's a server side issue too.

On the client side, an implementation of timeout would seem dependent
on the transport. For the HTTP transport I think this boils down to
calling Socket.setSoTimeout() and then properly handling any
InterruptedIOException. I have in the back of my mind that
setSoTimeout() is not entirely to be trusted across Java
implementations, but there are no other options.

On the server side, I know many application servers already have
fairly good support for timeouts when replying to a client. Is there a
general interface to those, or is it different for every server?

Is there a plan for adding timeout support to Axis?

Is there a way I can hack in a client-side timeout for my own uses? I
don't see a way to override the Socket that the HTTP transport uses. 


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