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From (Nelson Minar)
Subject Hello, Questions: WSDL, JAXM/JSR 67
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2001 21:04:24 GMT
Hello there, I've just recently joined the Axis list. I'm a
distributed systems designer and have recently been working with web
services frameworks. Apache SOAP is very useful, so I'm excited about
Axis. I'm hoping to find time to contribute to the project.

I had a couple of newbie questions I hope someone can help with:

What's the status of WSDL implementation? Who's working on it? I'm
suprised that I can't find a single non-proprietary Java WSDL
implementation, I'm glad to see Axis pick up the topic.

What's Axis' involvement in Sun's various web services JSRs? I know
Jason Hunter from Apache is on the JSR executive committee. Do Axis
developers contribute to the various JSR expert groups?

There's a bit of confusion in all the various web services related
JSRs, but 67, 93, 101, 109, and 110 all seem relevant. JSR 67 (JAXM)
already has a proposed API and implementation that looks semantically
similar to Axis. Is the plan just to go separate ways?

JAXM is at

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