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From "Michele Costabile" <>
Subject Re: Client Code generator ..
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2001 10:38:32 GMT
> Hen, not to discourage since what I am working on is vapor since it hasn't
> been released, but I am porting a WSDL2 Axis Client proxy (from another
> source base) which I hope to have working with primitive types by the end
> the week (and damn that end is coming up fast :-().

I would be veeeeery interested to see a WSDL proxy generator. Since I
specified SOAP as the reference platform for our services I have had a lot
of success on the Microsoft platform (and quite a few services already in
place), but now I am in real trouble with Java clients.
I suggest you to try your tool against WSDL generated by the MS SOAP Toolkit
2.0 that is where the tools from Alphaworks do fail and hand coding is a
Are you also creating static types and mappers for complex types or is
everything dynamic?

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