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From "Christoph C. Cemper / privat" <>
Subject Interop-Prob between MS Toolkit 2.2SP2 and Apache
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2001 06:43:18 GMT
Hi everyone,

new active to this list - passive for a few days.


We came across a problem with the interop between MS Toolkit 2.2SP2 and
Apache SOAP 2.2.
(self-describing SOAP format not sent by MS, but expected by SOAP 2.2 - i.e.
XSI:Type specification missing)

A common problem as it seems
A common workaround as it seems must be to
    - re-specify all parameters for each function/method to be called with a
deserializer-class in the
      DeploymentDescriptior of Apache SOAP

a) Can this be true?
b) Do we really need to re-respecify everything that we had in the WSDL
again in the deploydesc
    concering the types?
c) Isn't there any workaournd/switch known, by which I can tell the MS
Toolkit (2.2SP2) to sent the type-spec
    with the soap-request?

What I already read is, that AXIS shall support the runtime-determination of
the types using a WSDL, according to
the requirements-spec - can you confirm this?

Is that already in the code - ie nightly builds? havent't seen such a thing

AFAIK the soap-spec does not really specify if the SOAP request MUST be
self-describing, but from what I read the
whole interop-prob is because MS depends 100% on the WSDL and Apache SOAP to

IMHO the convention to rely on a WSDL is a rather valid one, because it
REDUCES the net-load drastically - onthe other hand
it seems to be more of an ancient view to NOT RELY on the WDSL - so I really
hope AXIS is going to support it soon.

Thanx in advance,
Christoph C. Cemper

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