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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject Re: Default values for SOAPAction
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2001 05:44:32 GMT

I just did a lot of work on the airplane on the way back.  Now I need to do
a lot of merging.  Such is life.

A few comments:

1) I strongly believe that no handler (including JWS) should FORCE the
target service.  If you want JWS, either (a) don't deploy the soap action
handler, (b) don't deploy the individual QName associated with the
SOAPAction, or (c) move the JWS handler earlier in the chain.  Item (b) is
key - if the user EXPLICITLY deployed the individual service, AND the
HTTPActionHandler is placed early in the chain (which admittedly is the
default), then I personally think the user's intent is fairly clear.

2) It looks to me like the code now assumes that "" is the default for
SOAPAction.  I still would like to see the SOAPAction default to something
unique based on the namespace and method name.  I have no problem with the
usre explicitly choosing "", but I don't believe that it should be the

3) In testing interop with .Net beta 2, I found a number of bugs - for
example, we were not setting the namespace on individual RPCParams, the
name of RPCParams is very important, etc.

4) All of this makes ServiceDescriptors more important.  (I still think
that this should be simply Service, and that a service should have multiple
methods, and that one should be able to .invoke(), or .call() a service
instead of having to construct a call object...).

- Sam Ruby

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