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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject Re: TypeMappings - lifecycles and locations
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2001 23:05:22 GMT
Glen Daniels wrote:
>> I don't see engines as being global.  I could have a server application
>> with multiple instantiations of AxisEngine.
>> I can see the need for that application to provide additional mappings.
>> one invokes an engine with a message context, this seems like a
>> place to provide this information to me.
>Does "this" mean the AxisEngine, or the MessageContext?
>If an application containing an AxisEngine (or two) wants additional
>mappings, I can see putting them in the AxisEngine-scoped mappings, but
>think putting them directly in the MessageContext makes any sense (unless
>they're truly "per message" mappings, but I don't see any use-case for

Before commenting further, I want to make sure that we are speaking the
same language.

To me a "MessageContext" is the "Content in which a Message is to be
evaluated".  I don't see a one to one mapping here, in fact, I do see any
reasonable application (particularly one concerned with performance) as
reusing the message context between messages.

The way that the AxisServlet is currently written, there is a new
MessageContext created per Message.

The way that the SimpleAxisServer is currently written, a MessageContext is
reused for each message.  This currently requires the application to be too
aware of the internals of a MessageContext currently, but I was hoping that
we would move much of the logic that resets the internal elements into a
single "reset" method in the MessageContext.

- Sam Ruby

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