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From "Doug Davis" <>
Subject writing handlers
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2001 12:55:33 GMT
Right now when we think of people processing headers
we're assuming they'll subclass Handler, but why?
We've all basically agreed that processing
a header is really the same thing as processing the
body so why not allow them to treat it that way?
(Note: the spec does too)
Why not allow them to specify the RPCDispatcher
should be used to process their header and then
we'll just call their method for them.  Then all
they need to write is their application logic and
no SOAP/Axis header processing code.
Likewise, they may want the header handed to them as
a block of XML (messaging instead of rpc), like
the Admin service does.  No Axis/header coded needed
here either.
Of course well still allow them to write a handler
if they want, but for probably 90+% of the cases
people won't need to import Axis code at all, leaving
them to focus on their business logic.
Really this isn't such a radical change, but rather
how we present the "preferred" way of doing things.
Not sure, but I think it does require a little bit
of code changes inside of Axis but I doubt it would
be very much.

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