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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: xml-axis/java/src/org/apache/axis/utils/cache
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2001 10:06:18 GMT
Doug Davis:
> To say that we'll match on # of args but then never use the # of args
> when the name is unique was wrong to me.  Granted a check for
> null would be nice, but I still think it needs to check # of args
> since the soap-env might have a different # of args than
> the java method and this search will match on it -which is
> wrong.

Since you are telling me what you thing is wrong, let me return the favor.
I realize that you are not accustomed to methods with comments in them, but
to change the definintion of what a method does without updating the
comments, introducing two bugs in the process, and changing the unit test
for that function to stop detecting one of the bugs you introduced
certainly seems wrong to me.

I added a comment that "-1" should be used when "don't care" is desired.
If you wish to complete this by only returning a different # of arguments
if -1 is passed, feel free.  But before you do, here's some background on
the the reasons why the current code is the way it is:

   1) It generally is more efficient to do one look up than two.

   2) One can produce better error messages if a near match is obtained and
   verified against.  The best xml-soap could do was to say "method not
   found".  In many cases, xml-axis can tell you what signature you were
   attempting, what signature would work - even in some cases where an
   argument of the wrong type is passed or an argument is missing entirely.

I also presume that you would like to see the MessageContext parameter
continue to work.  In order to help this, I added a unit test case for this
function.  You might consider starting to do likewise.  Take a look at
TestRPC.testMessageContext and Service.targetService.  It is not

- Sam Ruby

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