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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject Re: [GUMP] Function Test Failure - Axis
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2001 18:58:41 GMT
Rob Jellinghaus wrote:
> I just updated to the latest in CVS, and reproduced this failure, though
> more informatively.  I don't know exactly what is going on here (I wish
> there were a dump of the SAX tree here, or something), but it definitely
> happened in the last two days.  Sam?

The chain of events happening here is:

(1) has completely disappeared off of the net.
This occurred in the last two days or so.  As far as I know, no change I
committed in the last few days caused this to occur.  ;-)

(2) StockQuoteService properly returns an AxisFault.  TcpMon (or TCPTunnel)
can be used to verify this.

(3) The FileReader transport does not handle AxisFaults properly.  I fixed
it so that the transport no longer produces an infinite loop, but a better
implementation of msg.getAs("Bytes") is needed for messages of type
"AxisFault".  (I still would love to see the entire msg.getAs() method
eliminated, but that is another discusion).

(4) SOAPEnvelope.getFirstBody dies a horrible death as it is passed bad

It looks to me that 1&3 need to be fixed.

> And why doesn't the error output below appear in the GUMP dump?

Do I need to specify some sort of option to get that to appear?  I have
never seen it come to my screen (Win2K or RedHat7.1), I have always had to
go look into TEST-test.functional.FunctionalTests.txt to find the actual

- Sam Ruby

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