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From "Erik Dasque" <>
Subject [ANN: SilverStream releases complete XML RPC/SOAP environment]
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2001 17:53:22 GMT
Hi all,

I thought you might be interested in the following product release announce.
While it is not directly related to axis-dev, I believe it is an interesting
foray in the SOAP/Java space and though you might want to experiment with
our tools (command-line or web service wizards). We would in any way welcome
your feedback.

[ANN: SilverStream releases complete XML RPC/SOAP environment]

SilverStream unveiled on June 4th a beta-release of its JBroker Web product,
a complete XML RPC/SOAP environment :

jBroker® Web is a complete XML RPC environment for building, running, and
invoking Web services using Java:

* Supports writing Web service interface using WSDL as well as Java
* Complete set of compilers to convert WSDL to Java and vice versa and for
generating client and server XML RPC glue (stubs and skeletons) code
* High-performance and scalable SOAP 1.1 runtime over HTTP transport
* Extensive support for producing XML from Java objects and vice versa.
* Leveraged by SilverStream eXtend workbench to create Web services from a
Java class or an EJB (also includes a UDDI browser and local registry as
well an a WSDL editor)

Both jBroker and SilverStream eXtend workbench betas can be downloaded now
at : (JBroker
Web) (SilverStream
eXtend workbench).

jBroker Web has an extensive set of features:

* Compilers
	WSDL to Java compiler
	Java RMI to SOAP compiler
	Java RMI to WSDL compiler
* XML RPC runtime
	Portable stubs and skeletons
	Supports pluggable XML protocols, encodings and transports
	SOAP 1.1
	Encodings - SOAP, Literal
	Transports - HTTP, HTTPS
	Plugs in to any J2EE compatible server
* JNDI support for looking up Web services
* Dynamic Proxy support
* Security support
	Basic and Digest Authentication
	HTTP/SSL support
* XML/Java Type Mapping (including basic types, most java.lang and java.math
types, Date, Remote, Map, Set, List, arrays and Elements)
* Custom types
* Easy-to-use stream-based serialization

High Performance and Scalability

jBroker Web has a very low footprint and high performance runtime with a
very flexible architecture. Initial tests have shown Web services written
using jBroker Web and deployed on a commercial J2EE application server to be
able to handle over 500 requests per second


Erik Dasque
Product Manager
SilverStream eBusiness Solutions
2 Federal Street
Billerica, Massachusetts, 01821, USA
Phone:  (978) 262-3316
Fax:    (978) 262-3499

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