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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject RE: Registries and Admin and XML
Date Fri, 22 Jun 2001 14:14:30 GMT

> - Being able to do local Admin function is a good thing,
> not everyone will want to be able to configure their
> SOAP server thru a service (for security reasons).

Right, you should still be able to do local Admin, but you'll do it by using
a tool which gets a reference to an AxisServer (either a running one, like
the singleton, or one that gets generated just to do the admin stuff) and
uses the APIs.

> - If the engine is responsible for doing the load/save
> stuff then how can we plug in other registries that might
> have a totally different notion of load/save - kind of loses
> the pluggability of things.

You can still pass the engine your own registries to use, so we're not
really any less pluggable than we were.  I'm not sure anyone actually really
wants to use the pluggability at this level, though.

> - I think what  you've proposed makes it harder (not impossible
> just harder) to share deployment across engines.

I don't see how - it's still a registry sitting in a file, with exactly the
same locking and sharing issues we had before.  The only difference is that
a) it's XML, and b) there are well-defined APIs for accessing the files.
And actually, I believe we'll find that accessing the registries only
through the APIs provides us with a place to put the synchronization code.


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