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From Rob Jellinghaus <>
Subject Re: [GUMP] Function Test Failure - Axis
Date Sat, 09 Jun 2001 02:09:21 GMT
At 09:04 PM 6/8/2001 -0400, Sam Ruby wrote:
>> As of right now, I can see it.  ? and
>> both are
>> working fine from my browser.
>As of this moment, I can not.  I did see it up briefly earlier today.

Yes, it's hiccuping.

>I can tell you that with the following "change" all tests pass for me:
>-            doTestIBM();
>+            // doTestIBM();

Yes, this makes sense.  I think the functional tests should not reference
external servers which may or may not be up (a la the xmltoday quote
service).  The functional tests should only make localhost connections.
Otherwise, we will continue to get spurious failures such as this.  What do
you all think?  (And yes, this is my bad for adding the doTestIBM method in
the first place...)

You mentioned that you had patched FileReader's inability to handle the
returned AxisFault.  Are you planning to check that in?  (or did I mishear

>> it has always come to my screen.  I wonder if GUMP can be modified to
>> include the contents of the .txt file... low priority, for sure....
>Or if RunAxisFunctionalTestsTask could be modified to dump this to standard

RunAxisFunctionalTestsTask doesn't do anything special pipe-wise.  Can it?
I'm not even sure that's something that is doable in an Ant task...???


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