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From "Glen Daniels" <>
Subject Registries and Admin and XML
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2001 01:23:04 GMT
Hi folks:

So, I'm starting the process of cleaning up the current registry code,
moving it over to XML storage instead of serialized objects, and generally
making server configuration nicer.  As I go through the code, I find I'm not
too happy with the current DefaultHandler/DefaultService registry
structure - IMHO, too much knowledge has crept down into what should
basically be a utility class.

I'd like to restructure things along the following lines:

1) Registries are just registries.  They don't know how to load() or save()
themselves, or anything about how things are serialized.

2) The XML parsing code in Admin gets factored out into routines like
"deployHandler()", which looks at an XML <handler> element and deploys it to
an AxisEngine (not directly to a registry).

3) When an AxisEngine starts up, it uses the registry filenames passed to it
(or the defaults) to initialize its registries by using the Admin code.

4) The AxisServer and AxisClient classes become the keepers of the
appropriate default Handler/Service configuration - if the registry XML
files aren't present, they take care of deploying the defaults at startup

Are people OK with this direction?


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