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From "Doug Davis" <>
Subject Re: TCP transport, cleaned up
Date Thu, 24 May 2001 10:57:47 GMT
I believe the stock quote sample shows client-side chains if you
deploy the client_deploy.xml file.

"Yuhichi Nakamura" <> on 05/24/2001 04:18:56 AM

Please respond to

Subject:  Re: TCP transport, cleaned up

For 2-4 comments, I seemed to confuse you.  I'm sorry.
Since there is not client-side handler chain sample, I want to see it.
This requirement is not intended for particulary you.
Rather, someone should prepare.  I am not sure, but there is some
sample in the latest WSTK.

Intermdiary indicates SOAP intermediary which receives a SOAP message
and forwards it to the next host.  This is one of key concepts of SOAP.
I am curious why we do not have the example.  Again, this requirement
is not intended for you, but someone.

Best regards,

Best regards,

Yuhichi Nakamura
IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory
Tel: +81-462-73-4668

From: Rob Jellinghaus <> on 2001/05/24 16:14

Please respond to

Subject:  Re: TCP transport, cleaned up

At 03:02 PM 5/24/2001 +0900, Yuhichi Nakamura wrote:
>1. Why do you set the target address to ClientCall object?  Setting on
>HTTPClient might be natural.  In the same manner, user/password are
>strange if they indicate HTTP basic auth.

Yes, I got confused about this as I was doing it.  This is a good plan and
I will put it in.

>2. Does your stuff work if you have handler chain at the client side?  I
>think so, but I have not seen client-side handler chain samples.
>3. ClientMessage sample is also required hopefully with chain.
>4. I also want to see intermediary examples.

Are you talking about AdminClient functionality?  Are there any other
client side handler chain examples I should look at?  Everything should
work just fine with a client side handler chain given that I didn't touch
any of the MessageContext stuff.  And what do you mean by "intermediary

Yes, I'm betraying my ignorance here :-)

>Anyway, please continue to clean up the code.

Working on it!

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