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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject Incremental parse (was re: cvs commit...)
Date Wed, 23 May 2001 21:06:23 GMT
My two cents:

With the current architecture and implementation, I can write a
deserializer which takes an entire document, writes it to disk, and creates
an RPCParam with an InputStream as the object.  This does not require the
entire message to ever be in memory, and will be limited only by available
disk space.

Of course, this depends on nobody ever inserting a handler earlier in the
processing which requires the sax events to be recorded.  This remains an
area of the architecture which we need to work on (as well addressing the
issues of the current implemenation of  I have thoughts on
this, but more on this in a separate message.

Given all of this, my preference is that we keep on the path of JAXP / SAX
/ unthreaded as long as humanly possible, and only switch when there is a
clear advantage to doing so.

Why?  Well quite frankly, Axis will likely be deployed in a number of
different environments and with different usage profiles.  Keeping options
open when possible will help.  And as far as threading goes - it slows down
the "normal" case, complicates the code, and creates integration issues
with enterprise servers.

- Sam Ruby

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