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From "Thomas Pang" <>
Subject Apache SOAP and Axis- NO NEED TO HELP ANYMORE
Date Mon, 21 May 2001 10:42:51 GMT

Hi all again,
     We've managed to crack this one after all.

Thanks Thomas
p.s. it was down to no "SOAPAction"

---------------------- Forwarded by Thomas Pang on 21/05/2001 10:40 ---------------------------

From: Thomas Pang on 20/05/2001 20:57

Subject:  Apache SOAP and Axis

Hi all,
     I have managed to install the Axis Servlet under Tomcat and I have even written a service,
can be invoked using an Axis Client.  However, when I try an Apache SOAP client I get the
following error:

Ouch, the call failed:
  Fault Code   =
  Fault String = Can't find '' handler

I was under the assumption that any SOAP client should be able to talk to the Axis Server....
is this a fair
assumption?   What could be wrong with what I am doing?

Thanks in advance


p.s. here's the SOAP client I have wrriten:

import java.util.*;
import org.apache.soap.util.xml.*;
import org.apache.soap.*;
import org.apache.soap.rpc.*;

public class soapCreateSecurity {
  static XMLParserLiaison xpl = new XercesParserLiaison ();

  public static void main (String[] args) throws Exception {

    int offset = 3 - args.length;
    String encodingStyleURI = Constants.NS_URI_SOAP_ENC;
    URL url = new URL ("");

    File file = new File ( "/home/pangto/vanilla.xml" );
    int length = ( int ) file.length();
    byte[] data = new byte [ length ];
    FileInputStream file_input_stream = new FileInputStream ( file );;
    String xml_request = new String ( data );
    xml_request = xml_request.replace ('\n',' ').trim();

    // Build the call.
    Call call = new Call ();
    call.setTargetObjectURI ("urn:instrumentServer");
    call.setMethodName ("createSecurity");
    Vector params = new Vector ();
    params.addElement (new Parameter("arg0", String.class, xml_request, null));
    call.setParams (params);

    // make the call: note that the action URI is empty because the
    // XML-SOAP rpc router does not need this. This may change in the
    // future.
    Response resp = call.invoke (/* router URL */ url, /* actionURI */ "" );

    // Check the response.
    if (resp.generatedFault ()) {
      Fault fault = resp.getFault ();
      System.out.println ("Ouch, the call failed: ");
      System.out.println ("  Fault Code   = " + fault.getFaultCode ());
      System.out.println ("  Fault String = " + fault.getFaultString ());
    } else {
      Parameter result = resp.getReturnValue ();
      System.out.println (result.getValue ());


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