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From "Darrel Drake" <>
Subject Re: Random formatting questions
Date Tue, 29 May 2001 06:39:10 GMT

Just my two cents here: now that I've learned to do away with evil tabs, I
also am
attached to the JCS-standard 4. I find the mix of 2's and 4's hard to read
we can reach some consensus on this one way or the other. My Textpad can
smartly scan
through all the code files at once and mark/replace regular expressions
like "\n  ." so I'm
ready to implement whatever we come up with. (Then one of you nice guys can
commit it
for me :).

Darrell Drake*
IBM Japan, TRL
* - Notes ID has a misspelling of my name

From: "Sam Ruby" <> on 2001-05-27 01:16

Please respond to

To:   <>
Subject:  Re: Random formatting questions

> Yep, I do like 4 - I find the code much easier to read, and those
> intelligent Sun guys made it the standard.

Oxymoron Alert!!   ;-)

I don't object to 4, in fact every new file I have contributed has
to this.  What I do mind is frequent occurences of lines longer than 80
characters (the intelligent Sun guys also made that part of the standard).
With 4 spaces and 80 columns, what I often find is my code jammed up to the
right margin.

More pressing to me that indentation is lack of javadoc commentary (and in
many cases, lack of commentary period), and inconsistent bracing,
particularly in the same file (example: utils/, and scan for

And more pressing than this to me is the lack of tests.

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