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From Erik Onnen <>
Subject RE: WSDL skeleton generation
Date Fri, 18 May 2001 20:32:00 GMT
Ah, that is a different story all together, I didn't read carefully enough
to see the desire for an open tool. An open source tool would be great. I
think this is just the type of package that could benefit from a community
process and would be a nice plug-in to something like Axis. 

I think they all operate in slightly different metaphores. Glue and
interbind tend to focus on providing a simplified way of creatating a
services web with WSDL acting as a sort of IDL behind the scenes. Cape
Connect seems focused more on being a total sloution including J2EE app
server, web server and container. 

Personally, I like the WSTK the best. Simple command line tool, you can see
the debug if you want and it's easy to see the impacts of your changes as
all the output is right in front of you. Problem with WSTK is that it can't
handle complex types in the method signature yet and it has to operate on
concrete implementations (you can't generate a WSDL from an interface). Glue
has a lot of promise but it feels like a black box. I was getting bizare
transaction errors for simple calls from a SOAP service object to a J2EE
service. Good luck finding out what causes your exceptions in Glue, when it
breaks it breaks hard and you aren't entitled to find out why.

My wishlist would be something that could work on an abstract interface,
something like a remote EJB stub with complex parameters (sometimes
interfaces as well) and spit out WSDL. On the flip side, your tool would
generate server skeleton interfaces for which you provide implementations.
Then at service deployment, you specify an instance of that interface.

One other thing to consider is where the different components of a WSDL
definition overlap with the Axis design. So for example, how does a binding
overlay an Axis concept of a transport layer? 

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From: Rob Jellinghaus []
Sent: Friday, May 18, 2001 4:05 PM
To:; ''
Subject: RE: WSDL skeleton generation

A good point.

As far as I know, none of these are open source.  Idoox WASP is open
source, I *think*, but it's not clear how to get access to the source or
how to contribute to the project.  (Not as clear as with Axis, anyway :-)

Would you recommend any of them in particular?  If we had to pick one or
two to integrate (or at least be compatible) with Axis, which should we


At 03:14 PM 5/18/2001 -0400, Erik Onnen wrote:
>Um, there are already a slew of products out there that do this. See IBM's
>WSTK and WSDE(complete with GUI and deployment tools) (,
>Glue ( with UDDI and web deployment, Idoox's WASP
>(, Cape Clear's Cape Connect2 ( and
>Interbind's IBX ( . Most of these tools will go Java:WSDL
>or WSDL:Java stub/skeleton and can deploy if you have the server set up
>correctly. They are still young but have a lot of traction and an early
>presence in the market.
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>From: Rob Jellinghaus []
>Sent: Friday, May 18, 2001 2:11 PM
>Subject: Re: WSDL skeleton generation
>This is something I've been thinking about as well.  I'm interested in
>discussion and/or co-development of this framework, as I've been wanting it
>for a while myself.
>I don't know the best complex-data-type example in the Axis code -- so far
>I've only been working with the GetQuote example, which is schema-wise
>I would personally love it if your stub/skel system was two-way in
>functionality -- i.e. if it were able both to generate Java stubs / etc.
>from WSDL, and if it were able to generate WSDL from pre-existing Java
>classes (very useful for quick deployment of existing Java apps).  I was
>thinking about some kind of very simple two step process:  first, write a
>little Java module that uses reflection to analyze a set of classes, and
>that outputs some very simple XML that just describes the reflective class
>structure; then, write some XSLT code to translate that simple "reflection
>description" XML into WSDL.  i.e. do the heavy lifting of the WSDL syntax
>with XSLT, keeping the Java introspection code simpler.
>I haven't done much with Axis serializers/deserializers yet, so I don't
>know where to suggest you start there.  I have been able to run the
>test.encoding.PackageTests under the debugger; very informative!
>Axis is the right place to target this work, IMHO.
>I am currently logged into IRC, DALNet channel #ApacheSOAP, if you'd like
>to chat....
>At 11:52 AM 5/18/2001 +0200, fractals wrote:
>>Hi everyone,
>>I am working on a skeleton generation scheme to support WSDL. Basically,
>>like to have an ant task which would accept a wsdl file and generate
>>skeletons for EJBs, deployment descriptors, data objets and
>>serializers/deserializers. And, oh yes, I would like to be able to publish
>>the WSDL to UDDI from within the IDE.
>>I am relying on IBM's wsdl-toolkit for the data objects/serializer part
>>on XSLT (xalan) for the rest.
>>This is something I *need*, so I was going to develop it on an ad hoc
>>Now, I would be glad to discuss a more general scheme with anyone
>>(actually I just realized axis existed to-day).
>>Candide Kemmler

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