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From Mike Williams <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: xml-axis/java/src/org/apache/axis/server
Date Tue, 22 May 2001 19:58:36 GMT
See in-line comments.

Sam Ruby wrote:

> Glen Daniels wrote:
>> This brings up something I've been meaning to comment on for a while.
>> I'd like to get a sense of how other people feel about the whole idea of
>> serializing these registries as Java object files.  To me, it seems like
>> this is an unnecessary and potentially broken duplication of data.  We've
>> got this same information in various XML files (deployment/config), and I
>> would vote to just keep it there instead.  That way, there's no possibility
>> of the XML getting out of sync with the *.reg files, and changes which are
>> made programmatically to the engine might also be stored in a human-readable
>> way.  This is basically the "DRY" (Don't Repeat Yourself) principle, which
>> is covered quite well by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas in "The Pragmatic
>> Programmer".
> I'd love to see it as XML, and could even be talked into doing the work.
> I don't see how the DRY principle applies here, however.  Conceptually we
> have an in memory database, populated by a series of requests (deploy and
> undeploy), and from a variety of potential formats (V2 compatible, WSDD +/-
> WSDL, etc).  The format it comes in may not be the best cannonical form for
> accessing, loading and unloading.
> Now that we have a introspection driven, SAX based serializer
> (org.apache.axis.encoding.BeanSerializer), I'd like to simply make the
> datastructures true beans and use our own code to do the work.  Note: I
> actually feel the same way about the current Admin and WSDD implementation
> (Sorry, James), and would prefer to load the data directly into the
> appropriate data structures instead of resorting to DOM.

Okay, here's my two cents :)  I like the idea of making the data 
structures beans and using the BeanSerializer to do the loading/saving. 
  This would make things much easier for me on my current project.

The project I'm working on is basically a wrapper for an existing 
application.  So, I have several existing business object beans that I 
have to somehow register with axis.  These beans are of course tied to a 
database and have to be regenerated if the underlying scheme changes. 
Currently what I plan on doing is generating the java code to register 
the classes.  It would be much easier to generate XML and load the 
mappings at runtime :)

If we have a preferred format that everyone likes I would be glad to go 
this route and submit a patch with my changes.


> - Sam Ruby


Mike Williams
May the Source be with you!

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