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From Rob Jellinghaus <>
Subject Re: WSDL skeleton generation
Date Fri, 18 May 2001 18:10:30 GMT
This is something I've been thinking about as well.  I'm interested in
discussion and/or co-development of this framework, as I've been wanting it
for a while myself.

I don't know the best complex-data-type example in the Axis code -- so far
I've only been working with the GetQuote example, which is schema-wise

I would personally love it if your stub/skel system was two-way in
functionality -- i.e. if it were able both to generate Java stubs / etc.
from WSDL, and if it were able to generate WSDL from pre-existing Java
classes (very useful for quick deployment of existing Java apps).  I was
thinking about some kind of very simple two step process:  first, write a
little Java module that uses reflection to analyze a set of classes, and
that outputs some very simple XML that just describes the reflective class
structure; then, write some XSLT code to translate that simple "reflection
description" XML into WSDL.  i.e. do the heavy lifting of the WSDL syntax
with XSLT, keeping the Java introspection code simpler.

I haven't done much with Axis serializers/deserializers yet, so I don't
know where to suggest you start there.  I have been able to run the
test.encoding.PackageTests under the debugger; very informative!

Axis is the right place to target this work, IMHO.

I am currently logged into IRC, DALNet channel #ApacheSOAP, if you'd like
to chat....


At 11:52 AM 5/18/2001 +0200, fractals wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>I am working on a skeleton generation scheme to support WSDL. Basically, I'd
>like to have an ant task which would accept a wsdl file and generate
>skeletons for EJBs, deployment descriptors, data objets and
>serializers/deserializers. And, oh yes, I would like to be able to publish
>the WSDL to UDDI from within the IDE.
>I am relying on IBM's wsdl-toolkit for the data objects/serializer part and
>on XSLT (xalan) for the rest.
>This is something I *need*, so I was going to develop it on an ad hoc basis.
>Now, I would be glad to discuss a more general scheme with anyone interested
>(actually I just realized axis existed to-day).
>Candide Kemmler

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