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From Rob Jellinghaus <>
Subject Re: To-do list / project status
Date Thu, 17 May 2001 19:04:00 GMT
Thanks VERY MUCH for this, Glen.  As a new Axiser, this was some of the
info I most wanted and couldn't find.

At 12:42 PM 5/17/2001 -0400, Glen Daniels wrote:
>Is there stuff that should be on here that isn't (a: yes)? 

This is a pretty substantial list already for a 1.0 release... if we don't
add anything, I'll be happy.

>Is what's here correct?

It's terse to the point of being ambiguous in some places, but it's at
least a subset.

>Do you want to take one of these items as yours?

I'm interested in:

- Transport architecture (you already have me down for that :-) -- see
previous status message)

- Attachments / MIME (relates heavily to transport)

- WSDL support (maybe including stub generation which I think is higher
priority than skeleton generation -- check out, an interesting approach to
using XSLT to generate stubs from WSDL!  Does this look viable to anyone

- Functional tests (again, see previous status)

- Documentation

Stuff I'm not clueful about and would rather not mess with:

- Deployment
- Security
- V2.X migration

Your increase-project-momentum ideas (IRC presence; weekly commitments /
status updates; ownership) are all the right next things to do.

>I'm psyched - who's with me?  

I am :-)

>How much time can you put in?  

I am between jobs, and can be essentially fulltime (modulo some long
weekends) probably until the end of June, depending on how much fun this is!


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