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From "Glen Daniels" <>
Subject Re: Types of Deployment (Re: Thoughts about .jws deployment)
Date Sun, 27 May 2001 19:22:46 GMT
Hi Yuichi!

> Folks,
> I am wondering how many ways of deployments we should consider.
> 1. Use AdminClient + Java classes
> 2. Use AdminClient + jws files
> I am not sure if they are real deployments.  How Java classes and jws
> are deployed?  I am also concerd with the jws approach in some case.
> It may compile jws on the file, so a permission should be given the user
> write the class file on the server.  This would cause some security
> problem.

Not any more so than deploying any other backend.  Even if I can't directly
write new classes, I might be able to expose methods on "System" as a web
service....(speaking of which, we may want to have a way to restrict which
classes can be deployed)  You need to secure the admin service in any case.

> I coudl imagine the following appoach:
> 3.Create a war (or ear) file which includes Java classes (and jws files)
> and
> deployment descriptor.
> I don't know why we do not have the third one.  This is most portable, and
> simplest.  1 and 2 are more advanced.

This is in our requirements doc, and also the to-do list.  I think we'll
definitely want something like this.

> Is there any other way for deployment?

There will likely be other tools which will use the back-end APIs to deploy
services from GUIs, web infrastructures, etc.


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