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From "Yuhichi Nakamura" <>
Subject Re: Architecture consideration
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2001 08:31:02 GMT

Hello Michael,
>Michael Brennan <> wrote:
>> Web services have the potential to open many doors that EJBs cannot
open. In
>> addition, a simple web services model could attract many developers who
>> intimidated by the constantly growing complexity of the J2EE model.
>> Certainly, though, a sound web services architecture should also be able
>> support those developers who need those richer J2EE services, as well.
>Yes! To the best of my knowledge real life examples I've seen don't use
>entity beans because of design flaws in the EJB 1.1 spec. These issues are
>to be resolved in the EJB 2.0 which is discussed heavily and has yet to
>prove that issues are resolved. Examples I've seen just use stateless
>session beans, which in fact is a simple RMI call. Face it, the web world
>isn't coupled tightly, it's a stateless coupling of devices. That's
>the reason why rpc with xml is so attractive.
Do you mean that enterprise integration should be carried out with xml-rpc?
EJB and xml-rpc plays diffirent roles.  I do not understand the final
I agree that EJB has not been used so much, but it will spread soon I
(Many people assume like IBM, SUN,....)  Oh, I think that IBM WebSphere
Commerce Suite is developed on top of EJB.  It could be a only real EJB
in the world :-)

>Sharing code in this concrete scenario means having the same AxisEngine
>class which lives in different environments:
>* in the same JVM process as the servlet which creates it
>* in an EJB container where it was created by a session bean
>whose instantiation was initiated by another servlet running
>in a different JVM process

>Summing up:
>1. sharing code should be no problem.
>2. Relying only on J2EE and EJBs would be a huge mistake
If "and" here were emphasized, I would agree.  Relying on J2EE should be
ok as long as we provide servlet-only configuration.

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Yuhichi Nakamura
IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory
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