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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject Updated Timings for processing of small messages
Date Sun, 29 Apr 2001 01:22:21 GMT
Note: all code (Xerces, Tomcat, Soap, Axis) updated to the latest from CVS
with the last 24 hours or so.

Previous Timings (microseconds per request):
   xml-soap:    19,685 (total) 10,604 (w/o overhead)
   xml-axis:    10,672 (total) 1,591 (w/o overhead)

Current Timings (microseconds per request):
   xml-soap:    19,801 (total) 9,955 (w/o overhead)
   xml-axis:    11,481 (total) 7,527 (w/o overhead)

Net: the overall time went up by 7.5%, but the time spent in axis code went
up by a factor 5.  Note that the axis overhead numbers are now
network+tomcat+sax instead of network+tomcat+dom.

My recommendation for the first place to focus is on the elimination of the
threading.  Three reasons: (1) it likely is a large contributor to the
overhead, (2) it will make profiling more difficult, and (3) I'm told that
the threading is not very J2EE friendly.

- Sam Ruby

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