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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject Re: Timings for processing of small messages
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2001 18:33:39 GMT
Aleksander Slominski wrote:
>> Is that with xpp or xpps?
> Xml Pull Parser or just XPP

OK, I'll translate my question into english...was this with or without

> i have initially tried to do this but it needs much more work to do (see
> * i think that it should be improved with keep-alive
> connections as from our experience socket opening/closing is quite of overhead.
> it is maybe also worthwhile to try to use DataInputStream to read header lines
> (it may be more optimized than reading byte by byte).

Yes, socket opening/closing is a lot of overhead.  My original intent of
this test was to measure latency or response time to SOAP messages.  It
would be easy enough to remove all client, socket, and other processing on
the front end, and for that matter all non-parsing related backend and just
compare parsers, but that is most definately NOT what I wanted to do.

Bottom line: if the xml parsing is a big part of the overall equation, I
want to optimize that component.  Otherwise, I want to optimize where the
time is actually being spent.

> > The name "char" is a misnomer.
> then you probably should give it a different name as 'typical'

I think I'll rename it "lazy".  ;-)

IMHO, Java gets a bad reputation for performance because it contains a
number of features catering to the lazy programmer.  This one uses most of
them.  ;-)

> hey you are also grabbing just the value from SAX event stream!

... but only for the one that matches!  All I'm asking for some sake of
realizism is to have the equivalent of the following (cut and pasted from
the SAX implementation)

            if (element.equals(match)) {
              result = new String(ch, start, length);

- Sam Ruby

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