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From "James M Snell" <>
Subject Re: Parsing stuff
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2001 15:51:36 GMT
Yup.... shore are.  Which is probably why we don't want to use this 
approach but I think that it is definitely worthwhile to at least explore 
it (at the very least to rule it out as an option).  I believe that xalan 
is trying to move away from this approach. 

- James Snell
     Software Engineer, Emerging Technologies, IBM (online) (offline)

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To:     <>
Subject:        Re: Parsing stuff

Aren't there major issues with app servers and thread management? I
thought that part of the server side programming model was that
user application components are not spsed to be creating threads ..
the app server does thread creation and mgmt.

I believe Xalan does something like this with DTM. I wonder how they
addressed this issue.


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From: "Glen Daniels" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2001 7:15 PM
Subject: Parsing stuff

> I've got a version of the multi-thread SAX parse working, though it 
> bit of cleanup.  It's mostly a proof-of-concept.
> I'm going to see if I can make some improvements, clean it up a bit, and
> post it to the list tomorrow for review.
> Basically, it does exactly what we talked about.  When you create a
> around an InputSource, it spawns a thread which parses the <envelope>
> element, makes sure it looks OK, and then suspends.  When anyone asks 
> something from the Message (i.e. getHeaderByName(QName)), the parsing
> wakes up and runs until it finds the desired thing or runs out of XML
> (initially this just means getting to the end of the headers).  As it
> it creates SOAPHeader objects, which contain records of the SAX events
> inside them, suitable for replaying to any ContentHandler.  Meanwhile 
> other thread (the one that made the getHeaderByName() call) blocks until
> parse is complete.
> Glen Daniels
> Macromedia
> Engineering Manager
>                                 Building cool stuff for web developers

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