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From "BUNN,JEREMY (HP-Vancouver,ex1)" <>
Subject RE: Out parameters
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2001 17:19:22 GMT
Great, thanks for the reply and the solution.  I have been searching and
searching for an answer!  

My problem is that I am trying to implement a UPnP service template that has
many out parameters as part of the specification.  It is tough to impose the
first parameter as an array when I do not control the specification.  I hope
that Axis supports out parameters since other SOAP toolkits supposedly do
(non-java based, you can guess who!).  Using java to implement UPnP services
is a big win in many situations from my perspective.  If other service
templates follow the style of using out parameters, it will be a hard
problem to solve without support for them.

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From: Scott Nichol []
Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2001 9:01 AM
Subject: Re: Out parameters

You are correct that Apache SOAP does not currently support [out]
parameters.  It is an
easy thing to modify the distribution to support [in, out] parameters along
conventions.  For example, we have a local convention within our Java coding
that [in,
out] parameters are array parameters at the start of the parameter list.
modification to support this was quite easy to perform.  Another
modification to make
*all* parameters [in, out] is also quite simple.  However, to change the
code so that
there would be some way to specify whether parameters are [in], [out] or
[in, out] would
be a significant undertaking.  IMHO, the most robust implmentation would
rely on WSDL to
describe the interface.  WSDL implicitly support [in], [out] and [in, out]
as RPC calls are defined in terms of a pair of messages, and parameters are
independently for the two messages.  I've not heard of any plans to support
WSDL in the
Apache SOAP 2.x code, but perhaps there are plans for it in Axis?


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From: "BUNN,JEREMY (HP-Vancouver,ex1)" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2001 10:56 AM
Subject: Out parameters

> Is there any plan to support [out] parameters in future versions?  It
> reasonable for example, when passing an Integer rather than an int that
> Integer should be treated as an out parameter.  Here is a quote from
> "The method response is viewed as a single struct containing an accessor
> the return value and each [out] or [in/out] parameter. The first accessor
> the return value followed by the parameters in the same order as in the
> method signature. "
> I used the TcpTunnelGui utility though to watch SOAP messages between my
> server and client and do not see the returned in/out parameters.
> Perhaps there is already a way to specify, modify and return out
> that I have already missed?  Any thoughts or recommendations are
> appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

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