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From Pierre van Rooden <>
Subject Serialize/Deserialize
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2001 09:42:34 GMT
Hello there.

I have just joined this list.
I am working on an Open Source CMS, and am trying to find a way to have
our system support SOAP.
I have initially tested using SOAP 2.1, and I found it worked pretty
Now I want to examine the results of using Axis (when it gets released).
I managed to get it installed and running ths samples, so I am

Now for a question: I noted that Axis doesn't yet make use of
'serializer' and 'deserializer' classes (which we are going to need).
Is there anyone who has managed to get some of this working (or at least
an idea on how it should work)? 
If not I can try to get it working here, though I am not entirely sure
what classes I would have to change... most likely RPCDispatchHandler
and RPCArg, but there seem to be a lot of dependecies on interfaces that
aren't in use yet ?

Pierre 'Gomez' van Rooden
NOS Internet

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