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From Aleksander Slominski <>
Subject separating Message interface and implementation [Re: Parsing stuff]
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2001 16:15:25 GMT

i just wanted to suggest an improvement to Message* class design. if Message*
and MessageFactory* (including SoapMessage*) were interfaces we could then
have multiple implementations. One would be your SAX recorded event stream and
i could write an alternative that does not require an extra thread per message

i was looking into doing it and this actually not that complex and i could
also demonstrate how DOM2 can be build for message elements (or maybe event
for whole envelope). i am writing now technical report "Design of a Pull and
Push Parser System for Streaming XML" and it would be a perfect example of
such architecture...



James M Snell wrote:

> Yup.... shore are.  Which is probably why we don't want to use this
> approach but I think that it is definitely worthwhile to at least explore
> it (at the very least to rule it out as an option).  I believe that xalan
> is trying to move away from this approach.
> - James Snell
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> Subject:        Re: Parsing stuff
> Aren't there major issues with app servers and thread management? I
> thought that part of the server side programming model was that
> user application components are not spsed to be creating threads ..
> the app server does thread creation and mgmt.
> I believe Xalan does something like this with DTM. I wonder how they
> addressed this issue.

it would be great if XML Pull model was standardized similarly to SAX so then
all those projects would be _much_ simpler (in my opinion).

Aleksander Slominski, LH 316, IU,
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