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From "Arndt Lehmann" <>
Subject WSDD-Parser
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2001 15:24:30 GMT
Hi AXIS Developers,

for my master thesis I need to enhance the
System Management of AXIS.

As basis for this I need the WSDD - Parser
described in the AXIS System Overview.
But this part of AXIS doesn't exist till now.

So I wrote one, together with a WSDDAdmin - class
and a WSDDAdminClient - class.
I have successful tested this stuff with the 
Stock-Example of AXIS. 
Additionally I have successfully parsed (that means 
converted into java-Objects and back to WSDD-files) 
all of the WSDD-examples files in the directories
"chaining_examples" and 
  Note: sce_wsddScenario1.wsdd lacks the 
        xmlns:java definition

I have now TWO options:
1.) I can use my stuff as temporary solution, until
you finish your own WSDD-Parser and WSDD-Deployer.

2.) I enhance my WSDD-solution step by step until it
becomes the official WSDD-Stuff of AXIS.

I want to ask you, to have a look at my stuff and 
assess it. If you give me a positive feedback, I would
be willing to contribute a considerable amount of time
in the further development of my stuff. So it will
eventually become the official deployer of AXIS.

The remaining parts of this mail contain explanations
for the WSDDParser and Instructions to get it working
with the Stock-example.

Notes on the source code:

The most important things:
  No changes to the axis sourcecode are needed.
  The WSDD-Stuff uses the existing SupplierRegistry-Code.
  One big ugly file containing the complete
  This class is responsible for the conversion of an
  WSDD-file into a a bunch of Java-Objects representing it.
  As far as I know, it covers the complete specification
  of the WSDD.
  This is the equivalent to the original Admin.class.
  Till now it supports only the current functionality of
  The format of the ".reg"-files will not be changed.
  This is the equivalent to the original AdminClient.class
  The WSDD-File describing the initial configuration of
  This WSDD-File is the equivalent to the "deploy.xml"-File
  in the "stock"-directory    

Some of the limitations:  
The error handling is, in the best case,
The source-documentation is premature too.
Installation Instructions:
Starting point of the instructions is a working
AXIS-installation (The Stock-example must have worked too)

1.) The classes WSDDParser.class, WSDDAdmin.class and 
WSDDAdminClient.class must be in the classpath of tomcat
(or the equivalent servlet-engine).

2.) Stop tomcat, if it is running

3.) Delete (or Move to another folder) the config-files
"services-supp.reg" and "handlers-supp.reg".
(They lie in the working directory of tomcat)

Copy the enclosed init.wsdd in the working directory of
Execute from the working directory of tomcat:
  java org.apache.axis.utils.WSDDAdmin server deploy init.wsdd
==> This created the initial configuration

5.) start tomcat

6.)  Execute from the directory, where stock.wsdd lies:
  java org.apache.axis.client.WSDDAdminClient deploy stock.wsdd
==> The stock-example got deployed

7.) execute the stock example:
a) excecute the jws-file:
   java samples.stock.GetQuote -uuser1 -wpass1 XXX -s/axis/StockQuoteService.jws  
b) execute a "real" method call:
   java samples.stock.GetQuote -uuser1 -wpass1 XXX   
8.) undeploy the stock example (while tomcat is running):
    (stock.wsdd must be in the working directory)
  java org.apache.axis.client.WSDDAdminClient undeploy stock.wsdd
If you are experiencing problems while executing my code,
please contact me, and I will try to assist.

Please note, that I am sitting in Germany, so I can
assist people in the US only during "their forenoon".

Best regards,

  Arndt Lehmann  

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