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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Timings for processing of small messages
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2001 15:31:03 GMT
> Aleksander Slominski wrote:
> >
> > i have re-run your tests and added new tests for Xml
> > Pull Parser (modified test sources are available at
> >

I did a similar thing after playing around with it a little. There's a
disribution here:-

I've added support for dom4j ( which is yet another Java
alternative to DOM that is open source, based on Java interfaces & Java 2
collections and has integrated XPath support.

I moved the source around a little and tidied the build.xml file a little -
and I've added all the JARs necessary so it just builds and runs without
lots of complicated environment variable stuff - if you want to try
different parsers, just put the JARs in the "lib" directory.

I also fixed the test harness so that the JDOM test actually tested JDOM ;-)
I found that the SOAPRunner would carry on even if there was no servlet to
test - so I incorrectly thought that the jdom test was really fast for a
while ;-)

The test results I got were as follows on JDK1.3.1-beta-b15 on Win2000 P4
box with heaps of RAM and Tomcat 3.3:-

echo/sax        148.1   6752.0
echo/dom        186.8   5353.0
echo/dom4j      159.3   6277.0
echo/jdom       115.7   8643.0

So it appears dom4j is much faster than JDOM but DOM is faster, with SAX
faster still (suprise suprise).
I didn't go into XNI or XPP yet...

> If the goal were to simply compare parsers, the I would actually eliminate
> all HTTP and socket overhead.  I guess my question is: is a steady stream
> of tiny messages from a single client actually what we want to optimize
> for?  My reason for closing the socket and getting a new one each time was
> to mirror what I presume would be closer to real world usage - namely a
> server that gets messages from a large number of clients.

A worthy goal I'd say.

I've been meaning to get around to making a performance test harness of
alternative Java DOM-ish APIs from DOM, dom4j, JDOM and Electric along with
the various combinations of SAX parsers (Xerces / Crimson) with/without

Would Apache be a good place for such a thing or shall I do it in


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